Why is the dislike button needed?

Have you seen videos on YouTube lately…. They have this red “dislike” bar. But is it needed? I don’t think it is, but I have a alternate solution for the like and dislike button!

Baby, Justin Bieber
When Justin Bieber made a song called “Baby” it was the most watched video on YouTube then gangnam style was most watched, but Baby was the most disliked video on YouTube. Now I don’t feel the need to dislike the video, he’s expressing what he thinks is good, but how would you like it if you made a song and it had 2 likes and 98 dislikes. You would feel horrible, you wouldn’t want to do it again. But not only are dislikes bad, the comments are worser. Their so bad I can’t tell you on RevInfinite.

But if you make YouTube videos about your hobby or your favorite thing to do… Wouldn’t you just hate it if someone disliked it. I don’t think it’s fair on Justin Bieber and his fans to suffer people’s comment.

I think that the button should be removed. Is their a need for like or dislikes? I know their is a disable rating for this video button, but is it needed? I think that they leave the option of disable ratings, but maybe you could put poll on YouTube. For example, Did you enjoy the series? Then that could click yes or no. You can also pick the colour! I think this can make the viewer happy, it will make the YouTube created happier.

I think that this is a good way of youtubers of communicating to their viewers, but in a never before scene.


Why the community matters

Usually today youtuber’s or site owners tend to look after there community and care about there opinions and respect it. But the odd site owner or youtuber can be “Sour Faced” meaning they only care about earning money. But you won’t earn views or money if your rude. Been nice is the key to success and listening to your community!

Why it matters?
Say for example we have TXBrad and Jak Tech. TXBrad cares about his community and listens and earns all the views, but who’s this? Jak Tech, he is sour faced and owner care about the community (That was a lie) and all he cares about the money. Jak is currently failing because he’s rude and he dosent care. On the other hand TXBrad is getting all the views and stuff and that’s payback for listening to the community.

The reason why you should listen to your community is to hear what they have to say. It could be criticism it could be “Great blog”. A good way to respond to the criticism is to remain positive and not get angry. If you are negative and angry you will ruin your rep and the community you have. One comment could stuff you over for awhile.


•Stay positive dont get angry over criticism
•Keep your head up

Feel free to check out @TXBrad Id like to thank him for letting him let me use his name in this blog.


Are YouTube comments “Horrible”

Why are YouTube comments so immature? Why do people feel the night to start a e-war? Do you think it’s fair on people that they have to put up with reading arguments. The comments are meant to be a happy place to say how much you love this video or song. Nobody wants an argument. It’s stupid and its destroying this worlds freedom and FreeSpeech on the Internet.

Should the age that you join be more higher?
Right now it is mainly teens and early adults that like to cause arguments. (Note; I am not blaming every teen) But in reality would you let a 13 yearold go into a van with someone you don’t know? YouTube can be like that. If the age was like 17/18 YouTube would most probably be more mature in the comments. But sometimes the age won’t fix it. If people like to walk into YouTube with a bad attitude everyday, how would that work in he real world?

Do you see arguments about what’s better. It is gonna be a bad idea using this as a example; Mac vs PC. Now PC has been a word for windows computer. PC stands for Personal Computer. Not Windows computer. Now a PC can be anything, Mac, windows, Linux etc.

But do you think it’s fair to read a pathetic argument. These arguments don’t weigh out the pros and cons. They just argue about the specs and the price.

Is the attitude in general bad?
Do you think people don’t care? Do you think it’s just normal for YouTube comments to be negative?
Some people don’t care about how much they think it is biased. Some people don’t care.

Now YouTube comments can be one way out of the million to abuse people. For eg; someone types something nice then another idiot decides to abuse them. This can be offending and abuse. Now I don’t see how google is helping by leaving the comments there. Do they moderate them? Or do they just leave it up to the owner of the video to delete?

Now thanks for reading this quite lengthy blog post.